Ram Mandir History

Ram Mandir History

Ram Mandir History

Ayodhya – Ram Mandir History is very vast And According to Hindu Mythology Ayodhya place is very significant because in Treta Yug Lord Ram Got born at this place. It is the birth place of Lord Vishnu Incarnate Lord Ram. Throughout the centuries Lord Ram had been worshipped by Sanatanis in one form or other.

A battle started for this between two religion after that Sanatan and Muslim and its been sent to Court for the settlement but everyone waited and waited and it was not reaching to any conclusion. In Year 19…. Rajiv Gandhi gave order to do Shilanyas(lord Ram’s place Founding stone) with VHP leader at that time and they did Shilanyas.

 In 1990 VHP did protest with 150,000 people in favour of Ram Mandir and marched towards babari Masjid. Mob turned Violent and outnumbered police and they demolished Babari Masjid which created chaos in entire India and Hindu and Muslim started fighting for their worship place. 

Its been said that two Kotharis Brothers from Kolkata, one is 23 years old and one is 20 years old were the first who put the Bhagwa Flag over babari Masjid but both were killed while marching from one place to another in police firing. 

Ram Mandir
Ram Mandir

Since then the matter is just getting postponed and finally BJP won the election in 2014 and in 2019 Supreme court gave decision in favour of Sanatan Dharm and it Muslims have been provided with space in acres to built mosque far from the Lord Ram birth place.

 Its been decided that 22Jan 2024 will be the day for PranPratishtha at 12:29 for 84 seconds (shubh muhurat). Most of the celebrities, VVIPs, politicians under full security had attended the Pran Pratishtha at that day and entire Nation celebrated Diwali as their Lord Ram finally got Justice on his own land.

 Its the long hard fought battle in which many Sanatanis sacrificed their lives but finally their sacrifice got the rewards and their souls must be happy in heaven as they get what they wanted and what they deserve.

My POV – we are the best generation who saw Pran Pratishtha and Celebrated this day as our ancestors fought for it for almost 500 years or 5 century which is a very long period. So Cherish this moment and chant loudly Jai SiyaRam.

Ram Lala
Ram Lala

Thr Ram Mandir case was filed in 2002 in High Court, Parayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Finally 9 November was the day for Hindus as court decision was declared in favour of Ram Mandir.  In past, many People fought for Ram Mandir but failed. Among these fighters Ram Kothari and Sharad Kothari were killed in Police firing in Uttar Prades’s Ayodhya. 

Who was Ram Kothari and Sharad Kothari?

Ram Kothari and Sharad Kothari were among the Kar sevaks who reached Ayodhya in October 1990. They walked 200km to reach Ayodhya on October 30. Other then these , there are many people who contributes in Building  Ram Mandir are Baba Fakir Singh. Ram Bhadracharya ji,Kothari Bandu. K Parasaran and many more.

Ram Satuti


श्री रामचन्द्र कृपालु भजुमन 

हरण भवभय दारुणं । 

नव कंज लोचन कंज मुख

 कर कंज पद कंजारुणं ॥१॥



कन्दर्प अगणित अमित छवि
नव नील नीरद सुन्दरं ।
पटपीत मानहुँ तडित रुचि शुचि
नोमि जनक सुतावरं ॥२॥



भजु दीनबन्धु दिनेश दानव
दैत्य वंश निकन्दनं ।
रघुनन्द आनन्द कन्द कोशल
चन्द दशरथ नन्दनं ॥३॥



शिर मुकुट कुंडल तिलक
चारु उदारु अङ्ग विभूषणं ।
आजानु भुज शर चाप धर
संग्राम जित खरदूषणं ॥४॥



इति वदति तुलसीदास शंकर
शेष मुनि मन रंजनं ।
मम् हृदय कंज निवास कुरु
कामादि खलदल गंजनं ॥५॥



मन जाहि राच्यो मिलहि सो
वर सहज सुन्दर सांवरो ।
करुणा निधान सुजान शील
स्नेह जानत रावरो ॥६॥



एहि भांति गौरी असीस सुन सिय
सहित हिय हरषित अली।
तुलसी भवानिहि पूजी पुनि-पुनि
मुदित मन मन्दिर चली ॥७॥


जानी गौरी अनुकूल सिय
हिय हरषु न जाइ कहि ।
मंजुल मंगल मूल वाम
अङ्ग फरकन लगे।
रचयिता: गोस्वामी तुलसीदास



F & Q

Who was Father of Ram ji ?

 Ans-  Maharaja Dasharatha

Who was Mother of Ram Ji?

Ans- Mata Kaushalya

Who was son of Ram Ji ?

Ans- Twins named Lava and Kusha.

Where is Ram Mandir?

Ans- It is in Ayodhya.

How Long did Ram ji stay in Vanvas (exile)?

Ans- 14 years

Where is Ayodhya?

Ans- Ayodhya is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India

What is the Pincode of Ayodhya.

Ans- 224123

Who is Ram Bhadracharya?

Ans- Ram Bhadracharya was a advocate for Ram Mandir case. At age of 2 he lost his eyesight still he fight for Ram Mandir with is dedication. He has lots  of knowledge of Vedic scriptures. He mentioned that when he was asked for Proof in Court, he submitted more then 400 proofs.

Ram Bhadracharya ji age?

Ans-He was born on 14 January 1950 , according to which his age is 74.

What is the Birth Date of Ram ji?

Ans- He was born on 10th january 5114 BC in Ayodhya.

Who was Mother of Lakshman ji?

Ans- Mata Sumitra

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