Halloween Birthday Party Games

Halloween Birthday Party Games

A Halloween birthday party is a fantastic opportunity to combine birthday fun with spooky-themed games and activities. Here are some Halloween birthday party game ideas that will entertain your guests and create a memorable celebration:

1. Black Light Clue Game

Children love solving puzzles, so you can put their skills to the test by making a glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunt. The only things that you’ll need to turn this vision into a reality are a black light pen, a few black light flashlights, and some creativity. By writing your clues with secret ink that’s only visible when black light shines on it, you can send the guests off on a unique scavenger hunt. You should give everyone the first clue and show them how to read it. From there, they’ll have to solve each clue until the final clue tells them where the treasure is. One option you have is to save this game for the end of the party. This can allow the treasure to be the goodie bags that everyone gets to take home.

2. Mini Pumpkin Hunt.

No Halloween-themed birthday party would be complete without a mini pumpkin Hunt. This is exactly like an Easter egg hunt, but with a fall twist. The game will be easiest if you use little plastic pumpkins, but feel free to use real pumpkins if you can find ones that aren’t too heavy for kids to carry around in a bucket.

The major difference here is that mini pumpkins don’t open up to reveal treasures like eggs do, so you’ll have to give out prizes later. An exciting way to reward the hunters is to set up a prize table that has items with different pumpkin values. Kids can save their pumpkins to get one big, awesome prize or a bunch of smaller prizes. The kids will appreciate being able to choose what they want as opposed to being stuck with whatever is inside of an Easter egg.

Halloween Birthday Party Games

3. Rebuild Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankenstein’s monster is a Halloween staple. If you’d like to whip up some friendly competition, then you can gather the kids into groups to rebuild Frankenstein’s monster. Whichever team can bring this spooky monster back to life first can win a nice prize.


Each team should have a kit that includes cutouts of various body parts that they have to figure out how to arrange. If your child has a different preference, this game can work for any other Halloween character as well. The kids are guaranteed to shriek in delight as they fight to finish before their opponents do.


4. Guess the Ghost

If you plan on throwing a larger Halloween birthday party, then you should consider playing a game where the kids have to guess who the ghost is. You can take five kids away from the group and cover them in a sheet so they’re a mysterious ghost. One at a time, each kid can stand in front of the group as the others try to figure out who the ghost is.


To prevent giving their identity away too soon, instruct the kids to change their voice so they can sound like scary ghosts. You could also tell the audience to ask yes or no questions so the ghosts can shake their heads or give a thumbs up or thumbs down as a response. After that group is identified, you can take another group of kids and transform them into ghosts until every guest has had a turn.

5. Skeleton Head Relay Race

You can always count on a relay race to provide lots of entertainment no matter how old the kids are. To keep this game on theme, you should tell the guests that the goal is to fill up a hollow skeleton head so it can have a brain again. The item that the kids will run with could be Smarties candies, which will make everyone laugh.

Have the kids break up into even teams and form lines. Each person will hold a spoon that they’ll use to scoop up Smarties from one container and transfer them to the skull that’s farther away. They’ll take turns cycling through the line until the skeleton’s head is full.


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