Ram Mandir

Ram Mandir History

Ram Mandir History Ayodhya – Ram Mandir History is very vast And According to Hindu Mythology Ayodhya place is very significant because in Treta Yug Lord Ram Got born at this place. It is the birth place of Lord Vishnu Incarnate Lord Ram. Throughout the centuries Lord Ram had been worshipped by Sanatanis in one form or other. A battle started for this between two religion after that Sanatan and Muslim and its been sent to Court for the settlement but everyone waited and waited and it was not reaching to any conclusion. In Year 19…. Rajiv Gandhi gave order to do Shilanyas(lord Ram’s place Founding stone) with VHP leader at that time and they did Shilanyas.  In 1990 VHP did protest with 150,000 people in favour of Ram Mandir and marched towards babari Masjid. Mob turned Violent and outnumbered police and they demolished Babari Masjid which created chaos in entire India and Hindu and Muslim started fighting for their worship place.  Its been said that two Kotharis Brothers from Kolkata, one is 23 years old and one is 20 years old were the first who put the Bhagwa Flag over babari Masjid but both were killed while marching from one place to another in police firing.     Since then the matter is just getting postponed and finally BJP won the election in 2014 and in 2019 Supreme court gave decision in favour of Sanatan Dharm and it Muslims have been provided with space in acres to built mosque far from the Lord Ram birth place.  Its been decided that 22Jan 2024 will be the day for PranPratishtha at 12:29 for 84 seconds (shubh muhurat). Most of the celebrities, VVIPs, politicians under full security had attended the Pran Pratishtha at that day and entire Nation celebrated Diwali as their Lord Ram finally got Justice on his own land.  Its the long hard fought battle in which many Sanatanis sacrificed their lives but finally their sacrifice got the rewards and their souls must be happy in heaven as they get what they wanted and what they deserve. My POV – we are the best generation who saw Pran Pratishtha and Celebrated this day as our ancestors fought for it for almost 500 years or 5 century which is a very long period. So Cherish this moment and chant loudly Jai SiyaRam. Thr Ram Mandir case was filed in 2002 in High Court, Parayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Finally 9 November was the day for Hindus as court decision was declared in favour of Ram Mandir.  In past, many People fought for Ram Mandir but failed. Among these fighters Ram Kothari and Sharad Kothari were killed in Police firing in Uttar Prades’s Ayodhya.  Who was Ram Kothari and Sharad Kothari? Ram Kothari and Sharad Kothari were among the Kar sevaks who reached Ayodhya in October 1990. They walked 200km to reach Ayodhya on October 30. Other then these , there are many people who contributes in Building  Ram Mandir are Baba Fakir Singh. Ram Bhadracharya ji,Kothari Bandu. K Parasaran and many more. Ram Satuti ॥दोहा॥ श्री रामचन्द्र कृपालु भजुमन  हरण भवभय दारुणं ।  नव कंज लोचन कंज मुख  कर कंज पद कंजारुणं ॥१॥     कन्दर्प अगणित अमित छविनव नील नीरद सुन्दरं ।पटपीत मानहुँ तडित रुचि शुचिनोमि जनक सुतावरं ॥२॥     भजु दीनबन्धु दिनेश दानवदैत्य वंश निकन्दनं ।रघुनन्द आनन्द कन्द कोशलचन्द दशरथ नन्दनं ॥३॥     शिर मुकुट कुंडल तिलकचारु उदारु अङ्ग विभूषणं ।आजानु भुज शर चाप धरसंग्राम जित खरदूषणं ॥४॥     इति वदति तुलसीदास शंकरशेष मुनि मन रंजनं ।मम् हृदय कंज निवास कुरुकामादि खलदल गंजनं ॥५॥     मन जाहि राच्यो मिलहि सोवर सहज सुन्दर सांवरो ।करुणा निधान सुजान शीलस्नेह जानत रावरो ॥६॥     एहि भांति गौरी असीस सुन सियसहित हिय हरषित अली।तुलसी भवानिहि पूजी पुनि-पुनिमुदित मन मन्दिर चली ॥७॥   ॥सोरठा॥जानी गौरी अनुकूल सियहिय हरषु न जाइ कहि ।मंजुल मंगल मूल वामअङ्ग फरकन लगे।रचयिता: गोस्वामी तुलसीदास     F & Q Who was Father of Ram ji ?  Ans-  Maharaja Dasharatha Who was Mother of Ram Ji? Ans- Mata Kaushalya Who was son of Ram Ji ? Ans- Twins named Lava and Kusha. Where is Ram Mandir? Ans- It is in Ayodhya. How Long did Ram ji stay in Vanvas (exile)? Ans- 14 years Where is Ayodhya? Ans- Ayodhya is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India What is the Pincode of Ayodhya. Ans- 224123 Who is Ram Bhadracharya? Ans- Ram Bhadracharya was a advocate for Ram Mandir case. At age of 2 he lost his eyesight still he fight for Ram Mandir with is dedication. He has lots  of knowledge of Vedic scriptures. He mentioned that when he was asked for Proof in Court, he submitted more then 400 proofs. Ram Bhadracharya ji age? Ans-He was born on 14 January 1950 , according to which his age is 74. What is the Birth Date of Ram ji? Ans- He was born on 10th january 5114 BC in Ayodhya. Who was Mother of Lakshman ji? Ans- Mata Sumitra Check out our other Blogs   Follow on Instagram  

Groom Entry

5 Trending Groom Entry Ideas

5 Trending Groom Entry Ideas The wedding day is a momentous occasion that is cherished by couples and their families for a lifetime. Every detail is meticulously planned to ensure that it’s a day filled with love, joy, and unforgettable memories. One of the most exciting and highly anticipated moments of the wedding day is the groom’s entry. It’s the groom’s chance to make a grand statement, to set the tone for the celebration, and to show his love and commitment in a unique way. The groom’s entry has evolved significantly over the years. In the past, it was a more understated affair, with the groom simply walking down the aisle to meet his bride. However, modern weddings have seen a surge in creativity and personalization, and the groom entry has become a canvas for expressing his personality and style. Today, there are countless ways to make a memorable groom’s entry, each one more unique and captivating than the last. 1. Horse-Drawn Carriage Entry The horse-drawn carriage Groom entry is a classic choice that exudes timeless elegance and romance. This idea brings a fairytale-like quality to your wedding day. Imagine a beautifully adorned carriage, pulled by a majestic horse, making its way towards the wedding venue. The groom, dressed in his finest attire, steps into the carriage, and the clip-clop of the horse’s hooves adds a melodious rhythm to the moment. This entry is perfect for couples who appreciate tradition and want to make a grand, regal entrance. It’s a picture-perfect moment that will leave your guests in awe and make for stunning photographs. 2. Musical Performance Entry If you or your partner have musical talents, a musical performance entry can be a truly special and personalized touch. Picture the groom strumming a guitar or playing a heartfelt melody on a piano as he enters. Alternatively, he could surprise the guests with a live singing performance, dedicating a love song to his bride. Or he can simply dance on bollowood songs or on songs of brides’s choice. This idea not only showcases your talents but also adds a deeply emotional and personal touch to the ceremony. It’s a great way to share your love story with your guests and create a lasting memory. 3. Helicopter Arrival For couples seeking a dramatic and breathtaking entrance, arriving in a helicopter is a trend that’s been gaining popularity. If your wedding is in a scenic location, this idea can add a wow factor that’s hard to beat. Imagine the excitement as the helicopter lands, and the groom emerges, looking dashing in his wedding attire. It’s a high-flying entrance that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. However, it’s essential to ensure that you have the necessary permits and safety measures in place for a helicopter arrival. 4. Motorcycle or Sports Car Entry (Adventurous Spirit) For couples with a love for speed and adventure, a motorcycle or sports car entry can make a bold statement. The groom can arrive in style, revving the engine of a sleek sports car or riding a powerful motorcycle. This entry is perfect for those who want to infuse their wedding with a touch of excitement and edginess. 5. Fireworks or Confetti Cannons Entry Add a burst of excitement and energy to your groom’s entry with fireworks or confetti cannons. Imagine the thrill as the groom makes his entrance, and colorful fireworks light up the sky or confetti rains down from above. This idea is particularly effective for evening or nighttime weddings, creating a dazzling spectacle that leaves everyone in awe. It’s a fantastic way to kick off the festivities with a bang and set the mood for a joyful celebration. Your groom’s entry is an opportunity to showcase your personality, style, and the unique love story you share with your partner. Whether you opt for a traditional horse-drawn carriage, a musical performance, a helicopter arrival, or any of the other trending ideas mentioned, it’s essential that your choice reflects your vision for your wedding day. These groom entry ideas can add an unforgettable touch of magic, grandeur, and personalization to your special day, making it an event that you and your guests will cherish for years to come. Top 10 Groom Entry Songs  Tainu le ke mai javanga Ban ja Tu meri rani Sauda Khara Khara Ankhiyo se Goli Maare Badtameez Dil Naach Tere Vaaste Bijlee Bijlee Tera Dhyan Kidhar Hai Azeem Shan Shehensha   These are the Top 10 Groom Entry Songs Important You can also check our another Blog ‘ ” Bridal Entry Ideas “. Facebook Instagram

5 Trending Bridal Entry Ideas

5 Trending Bridal Entry Ideas Much like wearing a beautiful bridal lehenga, a bride also dreams of making a striking bridal entry on her wedding day. And why not! After all, it’s one of the few monumental moments of a wedding where all eyes are glued to the bride. Everyone, from the guests to the groom, impatiently wait to get the first glimpse of the bride all dressed in her bridal glory. Which is why a bride has to make sure that her bridal entry is every bit unique and dreamy. To make this moment truly unforgettable, brides are increasingly turning to creative and innovative bridal entry ideas that reflect their unique personalities and the essence of their love story. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through a treasure trove of imaginative bridal entrance concepts. Whether you’re dreaming of a fairytale arrival or a burst of vibrant colors, these ideas are sure to inspire and leave a lasting impression on your special day.” In fact, we have even witnessed some sassy brides putting aside the inhibitions and making a dashing bridal entry by dancing all their way to the mandap. Now that sounds interesting, right? So here are some of trending Bridal Entry Ideas which can help you planning your grand entry. Make your entry with your parents by your side For the constant love and affection that your parents have showered you with, all these years, they definitely deserve a special token of love and gratitude from your end. And what better way to make them feel loved and on top of the world than by walking down the aisle with them?   Yes, making a remarkable entry with your mommy and daddy by your side is a lot in vogue these days! But more than a trend, it’s a precious moment to seal. So, ditch everyone and let your parents escort you for the most special walk of your life. 2. Enter in style under a shaandar phoolon ki chaadar A bride’s entry under a magnificent floral canopy (phoolon ki chaadar) is a breathtaking moment in many Indian weddings. The bride’s entry is a significant and emotional part of the ceremony, and the decor adds to the grandeur of the event.The bride’s entry under the shaandar phoolon ki chaadar is a moment frozen in time, a memory etched in the hearts of everyone present. It’s a union of tradition and opulence, a reflection of the joy and splendor that mark the beginning of a lifelong journey.   3. Dance your way to the mandap “Dancing your way to the mandap” is a fun and vibrant trend that has become increasingly popular for modern brides looking to add a unique twist to their wedding entry. The “dance your way to the mandap” concept is a wonderful way for the bride to infuse her personality into the wedding proceedings, making her entry a memorable and entertaining experience for both herself and her guests. It captures the essence of celebration, joy, and the spirit of togetherness that a wedding embodies. 4. Go the classy way and enter in a vintage car While digging the internet for some latest bridal entry ideas, we also stumbled upon a few brides making their way to the man of their lives in vintage cars. And oh boy, these dazzling beauties genuinely did some real magic to their wedding entry. This is the most trending which you can definitely try. 5. Feel like a princess arriving on a fancy Rath or palki On a day as big as your wedding, you don’t deserve to be treated anything short of a princess. Which is why your bridal entry too needs to be one grand affair. Just how it was for these brides who dazzled their way to the stage sitting in spectacular palkis and raths like the royal maharanis. It’s surely one of the best bridal entry ideas. Important: You can also check our another Blog “Groom Entry Ideas” . Facebook Instagram

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas A Baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate motherhood and bless the yet-to-be born baby. It’s the best time for mums-to-be to get surprised with unique gifts for her and her baby. The ceremony is traditionally held when the mother-to-be completes her seventh month of pregnancy. The little one is on its way and what better reason do we need to celebrate a new life. Here are some tips to make your special event memorable. Location: If we talk about location, you can have a classy or casual baby shower near a pool, in the park, or even on the terrace. Dress Code: Make sure the dress-code is set with the weather and the location in mind. If it’s a traditional ceremony, a saree or a comfortable lehenga would be best suited. For an informal baby shower with friends, you could pick a great evening gown or dress. Decor: Take a trip down memory lane with the mom-to-be’s own childhood photographs and possessions. Guests could add to this by leaving letters for the baby or sweet notes for the mom. Foods and Drinks: A lot of moms to be are very health-conscious, as they should be – which shouldn’t stop them from having a good time. A ‘diet’ theme where baked or steamed goods are complemented by fruits, vegetables, and juices can be a great idea, not just for the mom but for the guests as well. Gifts: The mom to be definitely gets gifts. But gifts aren’t just for the mom! Just like in birthday parties, give the guests return favours or tokens of appreciation. This could be in the form of scarves, books, scented candles, and so on. Games: It may be something simple like guessing the gender of the baby just by looking at mum’s belly, creating a name-list for your baby or blindfolded diaper changing. Adding fun themes to the event, like having everyone dress up like they’re pregnant too (Tying pillows on their bellies), will be a lot of fun.

 5 Fairytale Princess Party Ideas

 5 Fairytale Princess Party Ideas There’s nothing sweeter than a princess-themed party. To help you put together an incredible event, here are some of our favorite birthday party ideas fit for a princess. Throwing a Birthday Event or another event instead? Simply adapt these ideas to suit your celebration. 1. Transform Your Space Into a Magical Wonderland If you have the space and budget, take your home or venue and transform it into the kind of place you’d find in a fairy tale — with a big castle, magical woodland, or grand ballroom. Get creative and paint a fun backdrop for your guests to admire, or keep it simple with colored fabric draped from the walls and ceiling and a handful of woodland animal cutouts. Add in other party decorations like a pastel balloon garland, a chalkboard welcome sign, and twinkling fairy lights to make your party space feel magical  and  welcoming. 2. Princess-Themed Table Settings When your little guests sit down to eat their birthday meal, they’ll need somewhere fabulous to enjoy it. Add color  and  theming to your table settings with beautiful and sparkly party supplies. Look for table covers and tableware that match your party theme — whether it’s iridescent, pastel, brightly colored, or inspired by your guest of honor’s favorite princess movie. Sprinkle crown-shaped confetti across the table, and finish the look with a grand centerpiece — like a gold-finish candelabra, or a pretend glass slipper that evokes the charm of Cinderella.  4. Princess Crown Making With such a creative party theme, it’d be a shame not to let your guests enjoy some interactive fun. Set up a crafting corner where guests can create their very own princess crown or tiara that they can wear at the celebration and also take home as a party favor. If you have little party guests, provide them with pre-cut crown shapes and some crafting supplies that they can easily decorate with. For slightly older party guests, this DIY felt and lace princess crown is a lovely idea. 5. Princess Birthday Cake You can’t sing “happy birthday” without a cake, and for a princess birthday party, only one thing will do — a princess cake. Treat your little birthday guest of honor to a wonderful princess-themed cake in sweet pastel tones, or that features one of their favorite princesses. Bake your  own cake and add a princess topper for a minimalist yet adorable take on the theme or have a baker get creative and make something straight out of a fairytale book. 

Halloween Birthday Party Games

Halloween Birthday Party Games A Halloween birthday party is a fantastic opportunity to combine birthday fun with spooky-themed games and activities. Here are some Halloween birthday party game ideas that will entertain your guests and create a memorable celebration: 1. Black Light Clue Game Children love solving puzzles, so you can put their skills to the test by making a glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunt. The only things that you’ll need to turn this vision into a reality are a black light pen, a few black light flashlights, and some creativity. By writing your clues with secret ink that’s only visible when black light shines on it, you can send the guests off on a unique scavenger hunt. You should give everyone the first clue and show them how to read it. From there, they’ll have to solve each clue until the final clue tells them where the treasure is. One option you have is to save this game for the end of the party. This can allow the treasure to be the goodie bags that everyone gets to take home. 2. Mini Pumpkin Hunt. No Halloween-themed birthday party would be complete without a mini pumpkin Hunt. This is exactly like an Easter egg hunt, but with a fall twist. The game will be easiest if you use little plastic pumpkins, but feel free to use real pumpkins if you can find ones that aren’t too heavy for kids to carry around in a bucket. The major difference here is that mini pumpkins don’t open up to reveal treasures like eggs do, so you’ll have to give out prizes later. An exciting way to reward the hunters is to set up a prize table that has items with different pumpkin values. Kids can save their pumpkins to get one big, awesome prize or a bunch of smaller prizes. The kids will appreciate being able to choose what they want as opposed to being stuck with whatever is inside of an Easter egg. 3. Rebuild Frankenstein’s Monster Frankenstein’s monster is a Halloween staple. If you’d like to whip up some friendly competition, then you can gather the kids into groups to rebuild Frankenstein’s monster. Whichever team can bring this spooky monster back to life first can win a nice prize.   Each team should have a kit that includes cutouts of various body parts that they have to figure out how to arrange. If your child has a different preference, this game can work for any other Halloween character as well. The kids are guaranteed to shriek in delight as they fight to finish before their opponents do. 4. Guess the Ghost If you plan on throwing a larger Halloween birthday party, then you should consider playing a game where the kids have to guess who the ghost is. You can take five kids away from the group and cover them in a sheet so they’re a mysterious ghost. One at a time, each kid can stand in front of the group as the others try to figure out who the ghost is.   To prevent giving their identity away too soon, instruct the kids to change their voice so they can sound like scary ghosts. You could also tell the audience to ask yes or no questions so the ghosts can shake their heads or give a thumbs up or thumbs down as a response. After that group is identified, you can take another group of kids and transform them into ghosts until every guest has had a turn. 5. Skeleton Head Relay Race You can always count on a relay race to provide lots of entertainment no matter how old the kids are. To keep this game on theme, you should tell the guests that the goal is to fill up a hollow skeleton head so it can have a brain again. The item that the kids will run with could be Smarties candies, which will make everyone laugh. Have the kids break up into even teams and form lines. Each person will hold a spoon that they’ll use to scoop up Smarties from one container and transfer them to the skull that’s farther away. They’ll take turns cycling through the line until the skeleton’s head is full. Important- You can also check my another Blog on Halloween Birthday Party Ideas which will help you make your party more exciting.

5 Spectacular Halloween Birthday Party Ideas to Bewitch Your Guests

5 Spectacular Halloween Birthday Party Ideas to Bewitch Your Guests Were you aware that the most popular birth months are July through October? Babies who are born in October grow up feeling like their birth month is special since there are so many fall and Halloween decorations around. If you have a child who’s in love with Halloween, then they may even want to make their birthday party Halloween themed. Combining these two holidays isn’t as difficult as it may seem! Read on for the ultimate Halloween birthday party ideas guide, which includes themes, games, and foods. Halloween Birthday Party Themes Are you wondering, “How do I plan a Halloween party checklist?” Establishing a theme is a good place to start when preparing an event. It will be lot simpler to come up with decoration ideas and other party-related details once you know how your youngster envisions the celebration to look. Here are some Halloween-themed birthday party ideas to take into account: 1. Haunted Bounce House Haunted houses are a Halloween staple, but if you want to take things to the next level, you could rent a bounce house to create a one-of-a-kind haunted bounce house. With so many awesome bounce houses to choose from, you can decide how much decorating you’re up for. Some bounce houses are designed to be as spooky and thrilling as possible while others are more basic. If you like the idea of having a blank canvas, then renting a traditional bounce house will allow you to get creative with the presentation. You can buy all kinds of Halloween birthday party decorations, such as bats and ghosts that you can hang from the ceiling, inflatable Halloween characters, and more. Your kid will have so much fun getting wild with their friends in their very own haunted bounce house. 2. Spider’s Lair Even though lots of people are afraid of spiders, arachnid costumes are super popular during Halloween. Perhaps this holiday gives us an excuse to face our fears and become braver. If your child loves the idea of creepy crawlies, then you can use some simple Halloween birthday decor to transform your home into a spider’s lair for their party. The key to pulling this theme off is to buy plenty of fake spider webs to hang and wrap around your home. You can test people’s courage by serving foods designed  like spiders. Be sure to make everyone walk through webs when they go through each doorway. You could even get a giant spider to hang on the webbed wall so kids can get hilarious group photos in front of it. 3. Vampire Dance Party As kids get older, they’ll go to plenty of school dances. Some are lucky enough to have an amazing time, but usually they never live up to the hype. If you want to give your child and their friends the greatest dance party ever, then you could host a vampire dance party for their birthday. Every kid should come dressed up as a vampire and get ready to dance the night away. In order to keep the party going, make sure you create a killer playlist and serve lots of snacks and drinks. Older kids will be content to dance and hang out with their friends while younger kids will love playing games like musical chairs. If your child doesn’t love the vampire theme, then feel free to switch it up with zombies, superheroes, or anything else they’re passionate about. 4. Outdoor Movie Night Outdoor Movie NightWith so many creepy and lighthearted Halloween movies for kids out there, your child will love picking out their favorite flick to share with their friends. You can make this movie night unforgettable by hosting it outdoors as long as the weather permits. If it gets a little chilly in the evening where you live, then you can set out tons of blankets and tell everyone to bring a sweatshirt along. Playing a movie outside is easy once you buy a portable projector. You can stream the movie with ease and project it onto the side of your house or hang up an affordable screen for extra clarity. You’ll of course need to serve hot chocolate, popcorn, Halloween candy, and other snacks for the kids to munch on. 5. Halloween Birthday Party Games What do kids do at Halloween parties exactly? The best festivities will have tons of games and activities to keep the guests occupied. All you have to do is set the mood with the top Halloween songs and play any of your favourite Halloween Games. I’ll be listing some of Holloween Games ideas in my next Vlog.

5 Themes for Birthday

Birthday parties are always fun and especially the kids’ birthday parties. Every year parents search for unique and exciting birthday themes for kids to make their child’s birthday special. But sometimes it is a bit tricky and stressful to find the best birthday themes. And to make this research easy we have shared so many amazing birthday themes that your kids and the guests will enjoy. So, these birthday theme ideas will make your kids happy and, also this will be a huge success in finding the right one! Those will give lots of ideas for themes and fun activities that make your child’s special day more special! 1.Unicorn Theme Unicorns are the best theme idea for kids’ birthday parties. As unicorn parties are simple to organize and don’t require any huge assets. You can make invitations for your guests and child’s friends will love this theme, and this theme will make the entire party a blast. A unicorn party is incomplete without a proper setup. You must include a special menu to make the party more amazing. Order a unicorn theme-based cake, themed dresses, balloons, party heads, unicorn pinata, return gifts and make your kid’s party amazing and memorable! 2.Spooky Halloween Theme  Halloween comes only once a year, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t create Halloween fun aspects in all the years. Fun costumes, candy, and magic tricks are part of this theme. If your kid was born in autumn, then this theme is perfect. Classic orange and black themes make the party more spooky and an extra fact is that get and wear your kid a Halloween-related costume. This Autumn season, surprise your kids by organizing the most spooky and fun Halloween party and always remember to preplan things first, and then execute them. Preplan is important because without a proper plan you cannot make your kid’s party fun and exciting and we came up with a creative plan to make Halloween party fun and spooky. 3.Circus Themes Looking to throw a circus theme birthday party? These circus birthday party ideas include fun decorations and food, and printable invites can make your circus theme party rocking. This circus theme party would be a fantastic birthday party for kids. The party will be fun and have some exciting games with gifts. We have many ideas about games and parties for a circus birthday party. with this article, you will get to know about more circus theme birthday parties and how to make the party a huge success. We had shared how to throw a perfect party with a circus theme. Plan the best and make all of the games for the party. Each game allowed winning prizes so it will be fun and more kids will participate and play with interest. 4.Minion Themes  This year surprise your kids by organizing their favorite cartoon theme birthday party. The minions’ party was cute and we know others would also love these minion theme party ideas! The minion-themed party included Mexican food, minion-themed decorations, a Despicable me cake, fun games, and more. Kids love cartoons and Minions is one of the funniest cartoons from the Despicable Me movie. So whether your kid’s favorite character is Stuart, Kevin, Gru, or any other, this minions birthday theme is a super cool birthday party for kids. Order a minion cake for your kid’s birthday party and organize some super creative and fun minion games. Also, arrange some yummy minion foods to make the party more amazing. This birthday party idea is perfect for preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1, and up to grade 6 students. 5.McDonald Themes McDonald’s is the fast-food domain that has reserved a place as the Indian global brand. And for this reason, we have generations of kids and grown-ups who deliver great food with happiness. In addition, they offer mouthwatering food and a wide range of drinks, a private party for birthdays. If you want a hassle-free birthday party for your kids, consider a Mcdonald’s party. This article will guide you on how easily you can throw a Mcdonald’s party. McDonald’s has recently launched themes to celebrate birthday parties for surprise and fun birthday moments. They offer you light party decoration with exciting fun games and fabulous gifts. For McDonald’s theme party reserve, the restaurant and enjoy your theme birthday party at McDonald’s.

Top 6 Cocomelon Theme Birthday Party Ideas to Impress Everyone

Top 6 Cocomelon Theme Birthday Party Ideas to Impress Everyone. The Coсomelon children’s educational show has become a sensation on YouTube and Netflix. The toddler song videos are so popular that they are literally “stepping on the toes” of the legendary YouTube PewDiePie show and T-Series. And, based on multiple parents’ posts, educational fun videos are a real find for moms and dads and the passion of little ones. For many parents, this children’s show is one of the main topics for discussion! So if you’re going to throw a grand party for modern kids and don’t know which theme to choose to make everyone happy, then such a themed party is a guaranteed success. The reason why the show gained incredible popularity is obvious: kids just LOVE IT! As many social network users claim, the adventures of 3D characters seem to hypnotize young viewers. And since the kids are happy about everything that the characters of the show do, we think that the DIY CoComelon birthday theme is the best choice to make your children happy! In this blog post, we’ll explore some creative ideas and DIY decorations to help you plan a Cocomelon-themed event that kids will adore. 1. Color Palette: Cocomelon is all about bright and cheerful colors. Incorporate a color palette of red, yellow, blue, and green to mimic the show’s aesthetics. These colors will set the tone for your decorations. 2. Cocomelon Invitations Start the excitement by sending out Cocomelon-themed invitations. You can create custom invitations or use ready-made templates available online. 3. Cocomelon Backdrop: Create a Cocomelon backdrop for photos and the main party area. You can make one using a large sheet or poster board with Cocomelon characters and decorations. Or you make backdrop using balloons, cutouts , stands . LEDs and can make best out of this. 4. Cocomelon Entry Board Design welcome Board with Cocomelon character cutouts, sunboard surrounded by colorful flowers or theme based balloons. Place these on the entry with some theme based cutouts. 5. Cocomelon Cake and Treats: Order or bake a Cocomelon-themed cake. You can also make cupcakes with edible toppers or cookies shaped JJ, TomTom, and Yoyo. Display these treats on a dessert table with coordinating decorations. 6.Cocomelon Games and Activities Plan some Cocomelon-themed games and activities for the children, like a treasure hunt with Cocomelon clues, musical chairs with Cocomelon music, or a coloring station with Cocomelon coloring sheets. 7.Cocomelon Costumes: Encourage kids and even adults to dress up as their favorite Cocomelon characters, such as JJ, TomTom, and Yoyo. Costume contests can add an extra layer of fun to your event. Or you can arrange mascots of cocomelon theme which can add more colours to your party. 8.Cocomelon Music: Play Cocomelon songs and music in the background to keep children energize and also it will keep the atmosphere lively and engaging. 9. Cocomelon Photo Booth Set up a Cocomelon-themed photo booth with a small backdrop, poster or theme based  props for guests to take memorable pictures. 10. Cocomelon Theme Return Gifts After the event, give theme based return gifts to the guests. You can use props , stickers on the return gift or you can paste it  on box. You can also plan to give cocomelon theme based stationery or bottles to the children.