5 Fairytale Princess Party Ideas

 5 Fairytale Princess Party Ideas

There’s nothing sweeter than a princess-themed party. To help you put together an incredible event, here are some of our favorite birthday party ideas fit for a princess. Throwing a Birthday Event or another event instead? Simply adapt these ideas to suit your celebration.

1. Transform Your Space Into a Magical Wonderland

If you have the space and budget, take your home or venue and transform it into the kind of place you’d find in a fairy tale — with a big castle, magical woodland, or grand ballroom. Get creative and paint a fun backdrop for your guests to admire, or keep it simple with colored fabric draped from the walls and ceiling and a handful of woodland animal cutouts. Add in other party decorations like a pastel balloon garland, a chalkboard welcome sign, and twinkling fairy lights to make your party space feel magical  and  welcoming.

2. Princess-Themed Table Settings

When your little guests sit down to eat their birthday meal, they’ll need somewhere fabulous to enjoy it. Add color  and  theming to your table settings with beautiful and sparkly party supplies. Look for table covers and tableware that match your party theme — whether it’s iridescent, pastel, brightly colored, or inspired by your guest of honor’s favorite princess movie. Sprinkle crown-shaped confetti across the table, and finish the look with a grand centerpiece — like a gold-finish candelabra, or a pretend glass slipper that evokes the charm of Cinderella. 

4. Princess Crown Making

With such a creative party theme, it’d be a shame not to let your guests enjoy some interactive fun. Set up a crafting corner where guests can create their very own princess crown or tiara that they can wear at the celebration and also take home as a party favor. If you have little party guests, provide them with pre-cut crown shapes and some crafting supplies that they can easily decorate with. For slightly older party guests, this DIY felt and lace princess crown is a lovely idea.


5. Princess Birthday Cake

You can’t sing “happy birthday” without a cake, and for a princess birthday party, only one thing will do — a princess cake. Treat your little birthday guest of honor to a wonderful princess-themed cake in sweet pastel tones, or that features one of their favorite princesses. Bake your  own cake and add a princess topper for a minimalist yet adorable take on the theme or have a baker get creative and make something straight out of a fairytale book. 

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